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Joining a political party in Nigeria is not as tedious a process as it may seem. Lack of information and awareness generally encourages the thinking that it is, thus discouraging a great many Nigerians who would love to join a party of choice from doing so.

For ease of assimilation, find detailed below a short and simple guide to joining a political party in Nigeria.

  1. Make a personal choice of what political party you’d love to join. You may want to research on the ideals that drive them, their manifesto and history- all of which can be accessed online or via a public library.
  1. Make sure you are at least 18 years. You can only validly join a political party if you’re of legal age.
  1. Pay a visit to the headquarters of the political party you’d love to join. Realistically, however, this may be impossible for those who are domiciled far from this headquarters. The good news is that all political parties have Local Wards which can be accessed more easily by the public. To know the location of these words, visit the website of the party of your choice. It should contain a list and address of all wards of the party.

  1. Visit your local ward. Talk to the personnel on ground, preferably the Local Ward Party Secretary or any other delegated into the role of processing registration for new members. Find out how much it costs to obtain a membership form and other filing fees for new members. Obtain and honestly fill in your details on these forms. Please note that this procedure may take a few days or even run into a week.
  2. Your Local Ward Executive Committee will sit to decide on your application. If approved, you’d be promptly registered and listed. You will then be issued a membership card.
  1. Congratulations ! You’ve just joined a political party. Remember to stay active and have a say in party decisions always.

Good luck.

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