A few days ago, in Wurma, Kafi in Katsina state, gunmen took to the streets causing mayhem and wrecking havoc with an ease that lasted over three hours while no security response was in sight. The gunmen regrettably abducted over 43 people- mostly women and children, and went off without a trace.

It has become the modus operandi of armed bandits to kidnap vulnerable and overwhelmed victims of their violence in lieu of paid ransom, and it is truly sad that it has become a thriving franchise with no solution in sight.

The recent maiming and adoption in Wurma, Katsina state is a contributory sad commentary to the worsening security crisis in the country, particularly in the northeastern part of the country where banditry has become a norm. The spate of human live losses, loss of livelihood and properties have become so regular it is a statistical nightmare to the country’s security apparatuses and appears to defy the wisdom and intervention of local, state and federal governments.

Katsina state, home-state of Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari, has in recent and distant times borne the brunt of an inept security structure and an increasingly bold violent group that remain elusive while habitually burning down villages, pillaging, raping and killing wantonly with little or no opposition from the police or military. The absence of a resolution in sight has meant that the people must now protect themselves which entails taking the laws into their hands.


Perhaps a way forward should begin with identifying the underlying causes of these recurring mayhem. Social insecurity is a direct reflection of a failed economic and educational system. By addressing the economic realities of northeastern Nigeria in tandem with a wide-spread drive for literacy and an advocacy against the ills of banditry much gains can be secured in uprooting not just banditry but insurgency, too.

Of course, in line with the above, all levels of government have a duty to make crimes unattractive and bring the full force of the law to bear on perpetrators of this maladies. By improving the security setup in the north, creating and sustaining viable means of passing and receiving rapid information on attacks even if based on suspicion, the Nigeria police and army would be better positioned to forestall or quell future attacks.

We express and extend the hopes that the police and military would work assiduously with relevant intelligence agencies in the country to search out, apprehend and secure the release of all who have been abducted in this instance and so many others nationwide. All lives, regardless of social status, truly matter.

Shalom Olaseni
Executive Director,

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