The United Global Resolve For Peace (UGRFP) can authoritatively report the arrest and detention of the wife and children of one of a group of five soldiers who are reported to have absconded with over N400 million naira while on escort duty from Kaduna to Sokoto last July.

Mrs. Ayo Oluwaniyi, wife to one of the fleeing men, was arrested alongside her children and detainee at the 32 Artillery Brigade, Owena Barrack, Akure-Ondo state. She has since been denied access to her family members and held in lieu of her fleeing husband.

We condemn such an ignoble arrest in its entirety as it is bullish, reactive and illegal. No vicarious liability lies to the wife of a Nigeria army personnel or any other for that matter in such an instance of strict culpability except complicity can be established. Merely being the wife of one of the fleeing officers is not sufficient grounds to be detained nor is there operational logic or justice in holding an innocent family to ransom for the offence of another.

The integrity of the Nigeria Army is being called into question here on two fronts. One, is it truly an inhumane agency to consider the arrest and detention of a woman and her children as an act in good faith? Secondly, the calibre of men who join the Nigeria Army and ridicule it through bad action is an indictment on their recruiting process and calls for a revision of same.

The Nigeria Army are advised to formulate and pursue a more thorough plan to recover the stolen monies and apprehend the perpetrators, not seek an excuse to inflict pain on the families of these men who are clearly victims of their principals bad action.


Thank you.

Olaseni Shalom,

Executive Director,

United Global Resolve For Peace





Today, being the 3rd of August, 2019 began with news of the arrest and detention of Mr. Omoyele Sowore, SaharaReporters Group founder and convener of the #RevolutuonIsNow movement which had a public protest slated for 5th August, 2019 against the Nigeria Government for having allegedly failed the Nigerian people.

We state, categorically, that we as a Group do not hold a brief for any political movement, nor let political colorations taint our positions on issues in the Nigerian society. We are, however, enjoined by good faith and our stated respect for the rule of law to condemn outright the Gestapo arrest and subsequent detention of Mr. Sowore. His late-night apprehension, in form and manner, is needless, ill-advised and a restraint against criticism.

No society is truly free if thoughts are regulated by its conformity or variance with government position. Mr. Sowere and his group are protected by the Nigerian Constitution to publicly decry government leadership provided same is done is done within the ambit of the law and natural civility. To attempt to label a protest which has yet been staged as an act of treason is to give it a bad name just to hang it. Such militant approach to free speech and gathering are not features of a democratic leadership and exposes Nigeria to international opprobrium as a dystopian society at odds with its own law.

In this instance, the Federal Government may want to heed the permissions that are built into Nigerians extant laws. No Nigerian citizens ought to live in fear of being raided and whisked away for daring to have an independent mind and differing perception of state policies.

We are properly appraised of insinuations that the #RevolutionIsNow movement is unconstitutional and perhaps, treasonable. Let it be stated that such a claim is a tall one that cannot be addressed without tact. The #RevolutionIsNow movement ought to be properly monitored until it becomes clear and unimpeachable acts show an attempt to create an alternative government or lead a coup against the existing one. Such, indeed, are the elements of a treason.

We would like to extend a word of caution to all conveners and participants such as #RevolutionIsNow. It is paramount that neither by words nor actions may such gatherings take on a militant posturing that draws security concerns or stoke civil unrest. All rights are only as absolute as they exist within the parameters of the law.

It is our hope that this matter will be resolved as amicably as the circumstance permits. The overall interest of Nigeria and Nigerians must take center place and be the pivotal theme from which to draw resolutions for a better country. Constructive criticism is good criticism, de facto exercise of de jure powers are ultra vires ab intio.

All drums of war being beaten by aggrieved sympathizers or members of Mr. Sowore ‘s #RevolutionIsNow movement must be tempered in common sense and the exercise of disciplined action. Dialogue, not violent action, is the modern world’s tool for reconciliation and the achievement of set goals.

The United Global Resolve For Peace will continue to follow unfolding events with a mind to run interventions in the interest of peace and order where necessary and possible. Our commitment to peace, which translates to growth and development for Nigeria, is affirmed by our positive action and set objectives.

Thank you.

Shalom Olaseni
Executive Director, UGRFP


The media spaces have been awash with reactions to the claims by one Miss Grace Taku, an aid worker with Action Against Hunger who was kidnapped on the 18th of July, 2019 alongside others in Borno state, that the failure of the Nigerian government to act or ‘do something’ has led to the inevitable death of Miss Leah Shuaribu.

Miss Leah Shuaribu alongside over 100 other secondary school girls was kidnapped by Boko Haram in Dapchi, Yobe state on February 19th, 2018 in what was the terrorist groups second largest kidnap attempt. Regrettably, the efforts of the Nigerian Government to secure the release of all the kidnapped girls was blighted when all but Leah Shuaribu were released after negotiations between state officials and the terror group. The public was informed that efforts would be intensified to negotiate the release of Miss Leah Shuaribu who was reportedly still in captivity for her refusal to deny/renounce her Christian faith for Islam. Over 400 days later, amidst waning calls for actions on her behalf, the claims made by Miss Grace Taku in a video made in captivity has jolted the populace back into outrage and recentered discourse around a lonesome yet brave school girl

As a group, we must first caution against taking at a face value all the information passed on in the widely circulated video of Miss Grace Taku. It may as well be one part of a script by the insurgent group known for its propensity for propaganda and untruths. We, however, note that it is indeed not out of context for the objective of the group to assert itself through the actual death of Miss Leah Shuaribu especially as a strategy to purge public outrage against the government to bring them to the table of negotiation.

With the recent kidnap of a new Christian aid worker and others, Boko Haram have the fodder to perhaps bargain for the release of their men or other monetary gains to swell their ranks. The news of the death of Miss Leah Shuaribu who has gained a celebrity status of sorts with the general public as a rallying point of faith, bravery and expression of hope may yet be the ace hand dealt for instant attention.

We must wait for further proof of the claims in said video especially as it is well within the capacity of the Nigeria Government through its intelligence community to verify such a sordid claim.

It must be stated, however, that the abysmal effort of the Nigeria Government to pursue a course to secure the release of Miss Leah Shuaribu all these many months is a failure on their part. Miss Leah Shuaribu like so many other innocent school girls and boys, women and men who have been victims of the terror of Boko Haram, are statistical graveyards of the ineptitude of leadership, and of a failed security and social system.

All efforts to verify the sad claims made by Miss Taku must be intensified with the thought and intent to secure the release of Miss Leah Shuaribu and others like her if indeed news of her death is false.

We salute the courage of Miss Leah Shuaribu in the face of such adversity. Her trials have indeed been many and her triumph few, if any. Our thoughts are extended to her surviving family who must truly be the most hit by the seeming resignation of their daughter to the whims of a diabolically evil insurgent sect with an appetite for blood. The possibility of her death is exacerbated by the murderous rhetoric of the Boko Haram group and the negligent, thus culpable, inability of the government to have taken action in her case.


The incarceration of Miss Leah Shuaribu on grounds of her faith would serve as a point of introspection on the texture and nature of the Nigerian insurgent war, viewed through the prism of government action or inaction thence. It is truly a period that calls for sober reflections on Nigeria’s choices through its leaders in the hope that the country may move forward having better appraised, appreciated and resolved on how to defend its territorial integrity and the lives/livelihood of its citizenry.

Our thoughts are with Miss Leah Shuaribu, her family And Nigeria as a single, indissoluble whole. Our hopes are of peace, order and the restoration of calm in all crises afflicted regions in the nation. While we wait for official confirmation or rebuttal of claims of Miss Leah Shuaribu ‘s death, the public would do well to proffer constructive resolutions rather than wax political or sentimental when lives continue to be at stake.

Thank you.

Shalom Olaseni,
Executive Director,
United Global Resolve For Peace(UGRFP)


Organizing a successful protest can be quite tedious. There are many considerations, too many probabilities and logistics is often a nightmare- although this depends on the intended size of the protest.

We must note that a protest is only as successful as its organization, however, which makes preparation key. Characteristically, all protests have a different theme or form but the basics are the same. People are involved, a venue is picked and the protest is staged.

Below, we shall quickly work through an outline that will help you organize a successful protest or picketing in the future.

  1. Form Your Base/Team.

Before anything can actually happen, a team is required to make it happen. It is important that you chose your team carefully as they will serve to lead the others and provided momentum when needed. You will need to work with people who share your enthusiasm about the cause for your protest, and who are skilled in crowd control and handling the logistics of time and venue. Assign tasks. No one person can do it on their own. Create a master list of everything you need to get done for your event. Delegate tasks from that list to your fellow organizers and let them own the task.

  1. Set the Agenda.

As an organizer, you will need to take the time to gather and calmly plan the message, strategy, and actions to be taken. Be clear on the desired outcome. Everything that happens next depends on this crucial step. This should be a no-brainer, but when everyone’s hot under the collar and not thinking clearly, things may simply happen for the sake of happening. It is important you and your team drum in the real purpose of your protest with the wider public who would be coming out to join the protest.

Also, you may chose to create a WhatsApp Group or a platform on Facebook or Twitter that allows you, your team and members of the public exchange information unrestrained by time and space. It will be a platform for perfecting plans for the protest.

This is why  you must employ social media as a tool to engineer the right thought to lead to the right action on the day of the protest.

  1. Organizing the Protest Match

People may not be aware of your cause or be moved to do anything about it. Spread the word through mass emails, distribute flyers, get a buzz going on social media, and never underestimate the power of word of mouth. When people are passionate about something, they talk about it and push others to join. Then there’s the law. Find out what is required to legally hold a demonstration in your area and get the necessary permission.

You must set your time and venue well ahead of D-Day. If buses are to be used to convey some of your protesters, best they be marked for easy identification.

Set a takeoff time once you’ve arrived at your venue. Proceed as one unit.

Also, be creative with your message. Your aim is to grab attention-a dull poster equals a poor outing. Employ rhetoric, sarcasm and satire.

Please remember to ensure there are outliners who march in front of, besides and behind the protesters to keep them in file and rank. Unity of march is as important as unity of purpose. Protesters must be prevented from unnecessarily straying especially when you arrive at your target point for your protest.


Always keep the Police or other relevant security outfits informed of your planned protest. Write them a letter stating the purpose of your protest, include details such as time, place and an estimate of expected crowd.

You must also ask for Police protection. This keeps orders civil all through the match and also ensures that no harm is visited on your fellow protesters.


A protest doesn’t end in a day. It doesn’t end in the streets either. Immediately after a successful match, go online, gain the attention of the world or your audience by publishing and pushing pictures, videos and writings covering the protest and the rationale behind it.

Gain the trust of media influencers and through them, keep the heat on till your interests or concerns are addressed.


A key feature is to stay true to the purpose of your protest never straying from the ideals of civility.


Joining a political party in Nigeria is not as tedious a process as it may seem. Lack of information and awareness generally encourages the thinking that it is, thus discouraging a great many Nigerians who would love to join a party of choice from doing so.

For ease of assimilation, find detailed below a short and simple guide to joining a political party in Nigeria.

  1. Make a personal choice of what political party you’d love to join. You may want to research on the ideals that drive them, their manifesto and history- all of which can be accessed online or via a public library.
  1. Make sure you are at least 18 years. You can only validly join a political party if you’re of legal age.
  1. Pay a visit to the headquarters of the political party you’d love to join. Realistically, however, this may be impossible for those who are domiciled far from this headquarters. The good news is that all political parties have Local Wards which can be accessed more easily by the public. To know the location of these words, visit the website of the party of your choice. It should contain a list and address of all wards of the party.

  1. Visit your local ward. Talk to the personnel on ground, preferably the Local Ward Party Secretary or any other delegated into the role of processing registration for new members. Find out how much it costs to obtain a membership form and other filing fees for new members. Obtain and honestly fill in your details on these forms. Please note that this procedure may take a few days or even run into a week.
  2. Your Local Ward Executive Committee will sit to decide on your application. If approved, you’d be promptly registered and listed. You will then be issued a membership card.
  1. Congratulations ! You’ve just joined a political party. Remember to stay active and have a say in party decisions always.

Good luck.

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