The United Global Resolve For Peace (UGRFP) can authoritatively report the arrest and detention of the wife and children of one of a group of five soldiers who are reported to have absconded with over N400 million naira while on escort duty from Kaduna to Sokoto last July.

Mrs. Ayo Oluwaniyi, wife to one of the fleeing men, was arrested alongside her children and detainee at the 32 Artillery Brigade, Owena Barrack, Akure-Ondo state. She has since been denied access to her family members and held in lieu of her fleeing husband.

We condemn such an ignoble arrest in its entirety as it is bullish, reactive and illegal. No vicarious liability lies to the wife of a Nigeria army personnel or any other for that matter in such an instance of strict culpability except complicity can be established. Merely being the wife of one of the fleeing officers is not sufficient grounds to be detained nor is there operational logic or justice in holding an innocent family to ransom for the offence of another.

The integrity of the Nigeria Army is being called into question here on two fronts. One, is it truly an inhumane agency to consider the arrest and detention of a woman and her children as an act in good faith? Secondly, the calibre of men who join the Nigeria Army and ridicule it through bad action is an indictment on their recruiting process and calls for a revision of same.

The Nigeria Army are advised to formulate and pursue a more thorough plan to recover the stolen monies and apprehend the perpetrators, not seek an excuse to inflict pain on the families of these men who are clearly victims of their principals bad action.


Thank you.

Olaseni Shalom,

Executive Director,

United Global Resolve For Peace



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